Welcome to The Old Okie Workshop




The Old Okie Workshop was established is 1958, the year I built my first workbench. It has been in operation more or less continuously since then with some quiet periods during college. Recently it has been taken to new heights! Check back for more information soon including some videos of the most interesting stuff you've ever seen.


The Old Okie Workshop is at an undisclosed location in Edmond, Oklahoma. The curator of the workshop is Richard Olsen who always wanted to be a curator of something and now is one!


Here are some videos for your enjoyment!


Rolling Workbench


Piano Stand


Shallow Drawers

Taper Jig

Preventing Tear Out


Wiring up Table Saw and Vac

Table Saw Stand and Outfeed Table



Table Saw Safety

Four Router Tables

Old Okie Workshop Tour - New


Iron-On Edge

Assembly Table Stationary Legs Short Version

Assembly Table Stationary Legs Long Version

Wood Boxes

Wood Boxes Round 2

Car Ramps

Tire Lifting Board

Garage Parking System - Methods 0 and 1

Garage Parking System - Method 2

Bird Feeder

Hanging the Bird Feeder

Router Table Upgrade




Quick Tips:


Winding up Rope