Garage Parking System – Methods 0 and 1



Do you want to park perfectly in your garage every time?  Of course you do!!  Here are two methods to accomplish that, named, appropriately enough, Method 0 and Method 1.  (There is also Method 2 which is covered in another video and web page.)


Why a Method 0?  Because it is so simple and rudimentary it does not deserve any more than a zero!!


Method 0 is: simply hang a tennis ball so that when you are perfectly parked, the tennis ball is contacting the windshield of the car right in front of your face.  Just drive in straight to the tennis ball and stop.  What could be more simple?  Problem is, the tennis ball is hanging there all the time.


Method 1 moves the ball down and up as the door moves up and down.  (Yeah, that’s right: door goes up, ball comes down.  Door goes down, ball goes up!)  Simply tie a line (I use monofilament fishing line) to the top of the garage door, route it through a screw eye attached to the ceiling above the windshield of your car.   When the door goes up…well, you get it.


Just one problem: the top of the door moves 7 feet and you only want the ball to come down around 4 feet or so.  That leads to an interesting problem.  Watch the video to find out what it is.


Jumping ahead, here is the solution to the problem where the door moves 7 feet and the ball only moves 4 feet:


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Here’s the video:



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