Bird Feeder



Bird feeder – it’s for the birds!


This bird feeder is built in the form of a tray.  I like that format because it provides for some interesting action among the birds.  They gather around the sides, they tweet each other, hold wings, bow heads, say grace and then dive in for dinner.  Fun to watch.


First, how it’s built.  The bottom is made out of plexiglass which allows viewing of the amount of bird seed in the feeder from the ground.  That’s important because this feeder is located 15 feet above the ground.  To allow rain water to drain, there are 1/8” holes drilled in the plexiglass – about 24 of them.  In the center is a 1/2" PVC pipe painted black.  The feeder is stabilized to the pipe by two 3/4" plywood ‘donuts’, one on top of the plexiglass and one underneath.  They are bolted together through the plexiglass.  Then on the bottom of the pipe is a 1/2" PVC coupling to hold up the donut and plexiglass assembly.


Second, how it works.  Well, you’ve got to see the video for that!




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