Tire Lifting Board



Those tires on my Honda Pilot are HEAVY!When I rotate the tires, I have to lift 4 of them back onto the hubs.Itís really difficult to hold the tire up and look to see the alignment of the studs on the hub with the holes in the wheels.Might be easy for you and Clyde, but itís hard for me!!


I made a Tire Lifting Board to make it easier.It is simply a 2x4 about 56Ē long with a handle on one end.It provides a mechanical advantage such that the lifting force is only about half the weight of the tire and wheel, and if the board is pulled out even farther, the advantage can be increased at the expense of the handle being farther away from the tire.Also, to align the tire rotationally, the handle/end of the board can swing side to side and the tire can be Ďrolledí to align the holes with the studs.With a little practice, it works great!And saves your back.


Check out the video:




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