Table Saw Stand and Outfeed Table



Outfeed tables are critically important to table saw safety (see my Table Saw Safety video).I built a stand for my table saw and attached an outfeed table to it.The entire saw stand and outfeed table are one unit.Casters allow for easy movement of the whole thing and there is a way to lift the front casters off the floor to make it stationary.The outfeed table is composed of a stationary part and a dropdown leaf which can be lowered to allow room for me to park my car.When the leaf is raised, an eight-foot workpiece can be run through the saw and be supported on the outfeed side of the saw.Very safe!!


Here is a view from under the outfeed table showing how the small stationary table is supported by two 1x4ís from the base of the table saw stand.Also, note the metal bar that stabilizes at the front of the table which is attached to the back of the table saw table (in the red circle Ė there is another one you canít see on the other side of the left 1x4).




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